HDT Tester

This machine evaluates thermal properties of plastics according to the following standards.
  • Deflection Temperature Under Load (DTUL) testing method JIS K 7191-1, 2 (ISO 75-1, 2)
  • Vicat Softening Temperature (VST) testing method JIS K 7206 (ISO 306)
  • Ball Pressure Temperature testing method (IEC, 335-1)

In testing deflection temperature under load, a specified bending stress is applied by means of a presser to the sample immersed in oil tank and temperature of the heating medium (oil) is raised at constant rate and the temperature when the sample attains specified deflection is determined as the deflection temperature under load (DTUL). There are flatwise testing method and edgewise testing method according to the direction of bending of sample. After conducting test, the heating medium is safely cooled at fast rate by means of an externally installed heat exchanger and repeated tests are automatically continued. Moreover, this machine can also determine vicat softening temperature (VST) manually or automatically by changing the presser with a needle shaped presser and measuring the temperature at which the needle penetrates 1mm into the sample. In addition, by manual operation it can also conduct ball pressure test specified as heat resistance test for electric products by changing the presser, etc.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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