Capilograph, 1D

Measures melt flow rate of polymers by detecting the shear rate and shear stress of melt polymer when it flows out of the capillary. Die swell and melt tension, etc. can also be measured by attaching optional attachments.

  • Wide range of information such as melt flow curve (viscosity), die swell and melt strength can beobtained from this single machine.
  • Zone control system used for controlling barrel’s temperature assures superb temperature distribution even in long barrels.
  • Superb loading accuracy achieved by employing automatic (barrel free) system for aligning centers of the barrel and piston.
  • Long barrel stroke permit measurement of maximum 19 points in one fill of sample.
  • Movable barrel – Very convenient for filling sample and cleaning by using air cylinder.
  • Load cell is air-cooled type and incorporates an automatic overload stop circuit.
  • The machine automatically stops when some abnormality occurs.
  • Auto extrusion speed. By setting the push out speed to auto the speed automatically changes.
  • The operations of temperature setting, reading out from the recorder, etc. are built into the computer.
  • The data processing system allows multiplotting under up to 8 conditions including shear rate vs. viscosity, shear stress and die swell curves and temperature vs. viscosity, shear stress and die swell graphs.
  • The system also permits processing of melt strength’s max. value, average value, limiting speed, capillary length correction coefficient (Ec) and Rabinowitsch correction. (Option)




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