This machine is a full automatic measuring machine in which Durometer P1-A of Kobunshi Keiki Co., Ltd. is incorporated , and preset rubber test piece can be supplied automatically and the rubber hardness can be measured.

Tray enables an easy setting of rubber test piece!
  • Rubber test piece is set on the sub-tray on the base tray, and the test piece is returned tothe same base tray after the hardness is measured the same base tray after the hardness is measured.
  • Hardness of a weak and sticky test piece can be measured by putting it on the sub-tray and sending it.
  • Operation is easy because the test piece still remains preserved in the base tray after the hardness is measured.

Use Durometer P1-A of Koubunshi Keiki Co., Ltd. with a reputation for the measurement of hardness.
  • Flexible joint function of motor-driven constant loading mechanism enables precise and reproducible hardness measurement reproducible hardness measurement.
  • Multi-data(peak value, time-hold value, real time value) indication enables multifaceted hardness measurement. With this machine load of peak value and time-hold value is possible during auto-hardness measurement.

An easy operation with touch panel and PC!
  • The measurement can be started from both of touch panel and PC.
  • The numerical value for the machine test and each adjustment can be input by the user log in(password input).
  • The manual measurement is possible by only the hardness tester



Number of test piece

Hardness tester  Measuring data  Set range of timer  Hardness measuring

  20 tiers (Standard)、100 sheets
(test piece: 25x50mm.)
The thickness of the test piece is measured, and the effectiveness of the hardness test is judged and the existence of the test piece is confirmed. P1-A(Kobunshi Keiki Co., Ltd.) Peak value, Time-hold value
5 points in one sample



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