Air to Muddy Saltwater Cycle Test Sytem

Environmental test chamber equipped with a temperature and humidity chamber on top and a muddy saltwater bath on the bottom are ideal for the automotive market
The reliability of automotive parts has an extremely high, and developed products must be able to withstand temperature and humidity cycle tests as well as air and liquid thermal shock tests, which cannot be evaluated with those conventional tests. As a result, we are seeing more severe tests and an increase in tests that combine various environmental factors that these parts are actually used. 

For automotive sensor parts mounted around the outside of the body, the environmental factors include water splashes from the road, rainwater, and sodium chloride or calcium chloride contained in road antifreezing agents. 

The Muddy Saltwater Cycle Test System was developed to meet the need for testing under these environmental factors. This system is equipped with a muddy saltwater bath below a hot chamber, enabling you to subject the specimen to severe temperature and humidity stress after being submerged in the muddy saltwater bath. It is possible to exposure the specimen to shocks that cannot be realized in a conventional environmental test chamber, and perform endurance tests closer to the environmental condition to be used.

Muddy saltwater bath
The test area is raised and lowered, and the specimen is submerged in the muddy saltwater. This process, which is conventionally done by hand, has been automated, and higher reproducibility tests can easily be performed.

Unique program testing
You can create a program that combines low temperature, high temperature and high humidity, muddy saltwater soaking, and high temperature testing and operate that automatically.

Corrosion resistant
The inside chamber is made of titanium to prevent corrosion from saltwater. In addition, the heater and cooler are also made of titanium to enhance durability.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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