All-exhausted Temperature Chamber

Prevents an explosion in heat treatment and drying materials which include volatile solvent.
Some synthetic resin and coating materials include volatile solvent. The heat treatment, drying and temperature characteristics test of these materials have possibility of explosion with using the conventional chamber because it employed air circulating method and the concentration of the flammable gases generated became high. ESPEC all-exhaust temperature chamber controls gas concentration increase and prevents an explosion by all-exhaust method (non-circulating method).


High-safety all-exhaust method
The air in the chamber is exhausted to the outside. The chamber is filled with fresh air heated by heater.

Advanced temperature control
The temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C (100°C) and ±1.0°C (200°C) can be obtained thanks to preheating heater.

Adopted uninterruptible power supply
An uninterruptible power supply is adopted to prevent circulating mechanism from stopping by power failure. Additional safety is pursued by using such optional equipment as gas detector.

Equipped with explosion vent (safety door)
Controlling gas concentration low can not prevent explosion totally. Some gases may explode even if their concentrations are low. In those cases, the explosion vent will protect you.

Contamination control of specimens
The specimen is protected from contaminations caused by substances generated when specimen are heated.

  • The air is heated in the suction box and introduced to chamber.
  • The air in the chamber is not circulated and exhausted to outside.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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