Highly Accelerated Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber

Quick evaluation of solder crack
As product reliability demands and testing time for stress tests are increasing, product development time is decreasing. 
This model combines the newly developed highly accelerated air to air thermal shock chamber, which has reduced thermal shock testing time by one-third, with a conductor resistance evaluation system, which evaluates the reliability of connectors on print substrates and electronic parts. As a result, development time can be reduced and power consumption can be economized.

  • Obtain test results that correlate with a conventional thermal shock test.
  • High velocity and unique air flow control enable a temperature recovery time of 3 minutes between +125°C and -40°C. It reduces thermal shock testing time by one-third for significantly faster testing.
  • Frost-free circuit prevents the formation of frost, thereby eliminating the need to stop a test and perform defrosting. 
  • It reduces the time and power consumption used for defrosting.
  • With wind velocity controller allows control of wind velocity, a chamber enables conventional thermal shock testing.

  • Constantly measure micro current and micro resistance during thermal shock tests to accurately obtain the absolute value and rate of change to determine failures.
  • Available from a direct current measurement system and an alternating current measurement system.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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