Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber with Humidity

Innovative hybrid test system that provides thermal cycle testing and dew cycle testing in a single unit
Mobile devices, such as laptops and cell phones, and automotive electronic parts are subjected to rapid temperature changes as they move between outside and inside environments. Naturally, these products and parts require thermal cycle testing, which repeatedly subjects them to rapid warming and cooling. Dew condensation that forms as a result of temperature changes also poses a major problem. Dew condensation can greatly affect the performance and function of electronic devices and result in corrosion, migration, or malfunction. Therefore, dew cycle testing, which repeatedly re-creates dew condensation and dry conditions is essential. 
"Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber with Humidity" is an innovative hybrid test system that enables both tests in a single unit. Two tests that have conventionally required two separate test chambers can now be performed in one unit, thereby lowering costs and space requirements.

Innovative hybrid test system
The hot chamber at the top of the thermal shock chamber (TSA) has been changed to a high temperature and humidity chamber that can control humidity, thereby enabling dew cycle tests. The ability to perform two tests in one unit not only lowers costs and space requirements, but it also saves on labor required to insert and remove specimens, thereby reducing testing manpower.

Sufficient thermal cycle test functions
The minimum temperature at low-temperature exposure is -70°C (TSA-103ES/TSA-203ES, -70°C), and the maximum temperature at high-temperature exposure is +150°C (same, +200°C). It complies with EIAJ ED-2531A and other testing standards. 
* Please contact us for more information on standards test support.

Features humidity cycle test functions
  • Excellent temperature uniformity generates uniform dew condensation on the specimen.
  • Controlling the temperature of the test area walls prevents water droplets falling from the ceiling.
  • A wind velocity controller in the high temperature and humidity chamber enables to control dew condensation time and uniformity.
  • The high temperature and humidity chamber is equipped with a defrost circuit. There is no need to cancel a test to defrost.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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