Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber

It is available from 1,100-liter, 1,650-liter, and 2,200-liter models. Unlike conventional chambers, this large capacity enables thermal shock testing of large automobile parts, large flat panel displays, and relatively large products that could not be previously tested due to their size or weight. This is ideal for customers who need to quickly test large amounts of specimens, such as for quality inspection during the production process. 

Large-capacity test area 
Available following three large-capacity models.
TSA-1100-W 1000(W)×1100(H)×1000(D)mm 
TSA-1650-W 1500(W)×1100(H)×1000(D)mm 
TSA-2200-W 2000(W)×1100(H)×1000(D)mm 

TSA series common operability 
Basic control method is common by using the same interactive touch panel instrumentation as that of the standard TSA series for easy operation. 

Considerable design for installation 
Large-capacity chambers bring with them the problems of installation space. This chamber has been designed to reduce protrusions as much as possible to minimize the size of the device. In addition, the refrigerator can be accessed from the rear for ease of maintenance. 

Easy insertion and removal of heavy specimens 
With larger specimens and a larger loading capacity, the weight of the specimens increases. Various mechanisms enable easy insertion and removal of such specimens. 
  • Designed lower floor of the test area by placing the hot chamber on top and the cold chamber in the rear. 
  • Customized floor for a specimen loading hand lift truck. 
  • Doorstopper prevents accidents when closing the door during operation.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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