ENX48 Solar Panel Reach-in

Your first choice for a medium-size test chamber for PV module testing is ESPEC's ENX48. These models provide a variety of performance capabilities to meet maximum or minimum change rates in IEC or UL test standards. 
Incorporated are the features of our smaller Platinum and Global-N lines. The refrigeration systems of these models utilize modern, high performance scroll compressors that allow a small footprint while allowing unparalleled service access. 
The models come in different performance versions, depending on your planned use. More powerful performance allows you to complete the temperature-cycling test (10.11) faster, or with a maximum number of modules. There also is a 'damp-heat' (10.13) only model that saves you capital-cost and energy by having only minimal refrigeration.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes
ENX48-6NWL 44" x 36" x 53" 48 cu. ft. -70 to 150°C Yes up to .73°C/min.  
ENX48-12NWL 44" x 36" x 53" 48 cu. ft. -70 to 150°C Yes up to .73°C/min.  
ENX48-15NW 44" x 36" x 53" 48 cu. ft. -70 to 150°C Yes up to 1.67°C/min.  
ENL48-CNA 44" x 36" x 53" 48 cu. ft. 15 to 150°C Yes Used for 85°C / 85% Damp Heat Test  



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