Common hardware supports all types of vibration test.
The K2 controller provides the precision and repeatability required to test with condence during both product development and series production.
The K2 hardware and software has been developed in-house, giving IMV full design control of this important part of a vibration system.
The K2 system offers enhanced functions and operability based on the most advanced technologies and incorporating feedback from our customers.
Precision control capabilities
K2 employs high-resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters to achieve high-precision, repeatable control.
Safety interlock function
A hardware mute function operating independently of software provides complete protection for the vibration system and payload.
E-mail notification
Remote sites can be notified by email of any abnormality during testing or termination of a test.
Data saving
Test definitions and results are output from the K2 in CSV format.


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