Shock Manager SM-500

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and 7(32bit, 64bit) easy operation interface, with additional new functions, max 10 ch. acceleration amplifier shock response spectrum (SRS) analysis, shock response (SR) analysis, composition of three directional acceleration, displacement analysis.
Acceleration measuring system SM-500 has been developed to be able to execute the analytical evaluation of shock resistance and buffer materials which is indispensable for developing new highly reliable products by a simple operation. 

This system is characterized with operation ease for users, applicability to multi channels, adoption of USB, and easy operation at test sites based on the versatile functions of Windows. 
New Features of SMS-500 Ver. 2.0
  • Application of a new shock testing method (joint development in cooperation with Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture) The new testing method and data processing are executed by controlling the shock tester in 2 modes, ASQ mode (detail test) and MSDT mode (handy test).
  • Handy conditions setting Test conditions for acceleration measurement can be set easily.
  • Inverse operation of sine half wave from SRS Sine half wave conditions are calculated by designating an SRS profile.
  • Optional tolerance display of SRS A tolerance bar can be read and displayed from a text file in the course of SRS analysis.
  • Automatic setting of tolerance bar The acceleration waveform and SRS tolerance bar are set automatically to display the decision whether it is acceptable or not.
  • Simultaneous screen display of other data Plural acceleration data can be displayed concurrently on the same screen.
  • SM-400 data read Measuring data of SM-400 (unit before one generation) can be read.
  • Applicable OS Windows2000 / XP / 7 (32bit, 64bit)
  • Shock tester control
  • Acceleration measurement when dropping a product
  • Damage boundary test
  • Buffer evaluation of a packaged cargo, etc.


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