Acceleration & Impact Recorder G-MEN

G-MEN is a one of the field data recorder with simple function and has a MEMS type tri-accelerometer and temperature & humidity sensor for up to 50 days by AA battery. There are 3 models that for 2G, 20G and 100G for your use. All devices have a LCD display that can show you measured peak acceleration immediately.

Measured data can be shown and output data as csv file via a analysis software on PC.
  • Built in tri-axial acceleration sensor and temperature & humidity sensor.
  • Continuous measurement for up to 50days at 10ms sampling *AA size alkaline battery x 2
  • Memory capacity 65500 point
  • Three different models (DR01 for 2G, DR20 for 20G, DR100 for 100G)
  • Distribution environment survey of package freight, and quality control.
  • Finding problem on distribution environment.
  • Distribution traceability survay.


  Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate(heat/cool) Notes



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