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Sams Advanced Climatic Technologies Private Limited (Samsact) is the leading company in the field of environmental testing since 1999, which was initially started as a service organization with handful of experience in this field. Samsact offers sales and service support to manufacturers of semi-conductors, electronic, automobile, solar panel testing companies in India.

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Our Products

  • Environmental Test Chambers

    World renowned environmental test chambers from espec corp japan

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  • Vibration Simulation Systems

    World renowned Vibration Simulation Systems from IMV corp japan

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  • Polymer Testing Instruments

    World renowned Polymer Testing Instruments from toyeseiki corp japan

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  • Shock, Drop, Bump Testers

    World renowned Shock, Drop, Bump Testers from yoshida shinyei corp japan

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At Samsact we are looking for people who roll up their sleeves, jump into the thick of things, lead teams and most importantly, enjoy getting things done.

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  • Plot No. 646, Sri Swamy Ayyappa Society, Madhapur

  • info@samsact.com

  • 040 - 4466 1212